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Mr Sofa offers Sofa Customization, Sofa Repair, Sofa Renew and Sofa Modification. Take control of your Second Life of Sofa.

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Everything has its own lifetime and same goes for the best quality of sofa. Your sofa might starts to sag, crack, crease and any damages after years of ordinary use.

You might think to get a brand new sofa but few thoughts will arise in your mind,

Where should I get a quality, affordable and comfortable sofa?

How should I throw off the old sofa?

I love my existing sofa because it is meaningful to me as ………

Hence, we are here to help, Sofa Repair is one of the services that provided by us, Mr. Sofa. We are the professional and specialist that know what you need and have the ability to transform your old sofa into new sofa.

We help to you save your money and provide you a hassle free service.

If you are looking for

 you have come to the right place!

Call us now or send us an inquiry to “Give Your Old Sofa a Second Life” 

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      • More than 20 Years Experiences
      • Up to 5 Years Product Warranty*
      • Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Variety of colour and texture for any material

What Client’s Say

Amazing finishes and top class support, the works have been rejected 3 times but they still willing to helped and fix it up to my expectation. Highly recommended!
Peter Tan, Kuala Lumpur
I would like to recommend to all my friends and family that my sofa is now better than when I bought it. Amazing work!
Nor Zara Sophia, Damasara